Oh hi! I'm Andriy!

Coder. Web Developer.

I build digital solutions at Intraweb

Currently based in Milan, Italy.

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I am a programmer and non-traditional sports enthusiast.

Besides my work as full-stack web developer at Intraweb I practice freerunning, slacklining and capoeira when I'm not at my computer.

My goal is to create software that solves real problems with smart web based solutions using innovative technologies and engaging interfaces.

I'm constantly learning new things either they're tech related or not. Despite the biggest part of my job is back end related, I also enjoy working on front end and UX/UI side of web.

Also like every person on Interwebs I worship cats.

Andriy Frankevych cartoon avatar
  • Mostly Laravel and Slim
  • Weapon of choice
  • Everything.js
  • SCSS>Sass


  • gulp-boilerplate


    A solid starting point for building user interfaces with Gulp.js, Bootstrap and performance in mind.

    See project

Let's stay in touch!

You can find me on pretty much every social network thing and GitHub as @alsoknownasdrew.

Otherwise just drop me an email here.